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Managing and merging large lists of links can be both overwhelming and time consuming without the assistance of a tool such as this one. This list cleaning tool lets you take lists from different sources and remove any duplicate URLs keeping any unique URLs, the longest URL from a domain, or the shortest URL from a domain.

Generate One List From Several

If you have multiple sources you are using for backlink research, you can import multiple lists (hold CTRL / CMD as you select files form your computer) and combine the data simply with the copy-paste list in the input field.

Once your lists are imported you can clean the list to keep only URLS from unique domains. You can also select to have only the longest URL from each domain remain. This is helpful when you receive multiple URLs for a single backlink, such as blog archive pages, category pages, and the blog post URL. The longest is usually the blog post URL which is the only real source of the link.



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