Visualize Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, and Blekko Rankings

See how to use Visualize Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, and Blekko Rankings

The Google, Bing, Amazon, Youtube Keyword Suggest Tool can be used to receive suggested keywords based on whatever word or phrase you type into it. It will then provide a list of suggestions based on previous user searches in each of the above search engines. It will also then attempt to provide a list of suggested words to follow your phrase for each letter of the alphabet.

One of the benefits of this tool is the variety provided by the different search engines included. Using this tool you can see the following:

  • Commercial results such as those searched in Amazon
  • General search results from search engines like Bing and Google using your core query
  • Entertaining results such as those searched in Youtube

The Suggest tool allows you to easily brainstorm content ideas as well, including local content ideas. Navigate the provided list by clicking on any letter from the top of each list. You can then select a phrase from the list provided and receive an expanded list of phrases.

By selecting any phrase you can receive the Search Volume and CPC of that phrase. The tool then allows you to export your final keyword list.

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