Web Design Tools

Check out our free web design tools and use them to enhance the appearance of your website. Create colored scrollbars for pages, and custom mouse-over tooltips with these tools.
  • Favicon Generator Create a favicon with our Favicon Generator and make the most of this easy branding opportunity for your website.
  • HTML to PHP Converter With a copy and paste, webmasters can convert their entire HTML text to PHP code using this coding tool.
  • CSS Coder Using style sheet language to describe presentation semantics is what CSS is all about. With this easy-to-use utility, webmasters and developers will be up and running in no time.
  • HTML Code Cleaner None of your clients want to waste time waiting for pages to load because of characters and tags that are unnecessary for your site. Get rid of unnecessary HTML formatting with our Code Cleaner.
  • HTML Encoder Avoid strange characters from displaying by properly encoding HTML characters before posting using this HTML encoder tool.
  • HTML Entities Encode Decode Using our HTML Entities Encoder can help prevent mistakes that may happen as a result of including characters in your web copy. The HTML character encoding gives you clean copy.
  • Floating Layer Webmasters will enjoy greater control over any popup window with this JavaScript-enabled floating layer utility. This will help site visitors make their site more navigable.
  • Internet Explorer Scrollbar Color That dull, boring scrollbar will come to life with this tool. Internet Explorer users will see a different color scrollbar
  • DHTML Tooltip Creator Users will find helpful information when mousing over images, links and more with the mouse-over DHTML tooltip popup creator. Choose features such as font size, and more.
  • PopUp window generator The generator allows users to create JavaScript pop up windows according to their preferences. By filling out a form, people can change size, location and more.
  • Web Safe Colors Our websafe color tool is the best utility available for determining and using the right hexadecimal color value. Based on the standard chart of web safe colors, our tool takes the guesswork out of adding color to webpages.
  • Advanced Syntax Highlighting Highlight your website with our Syntax Highlighting utility. JavaScript Syntax Highlighters are vital if you want to succeed in readability.