Social Tools

Having a strong social media presence can mean more success for your business. Use the social media management tools to build a social presence for your website as well as analyze social media signals and Google Authorship
  • Author Crawler The Author Crawler shows the real people behind your backlinks: Google-verified authors who linked to your (or your competitors') pages
  • Social Media Tool + Authorship Provide the URLs to any pages, and you'll discover the number of likes, tweets, and +1s that the URL has received (as well as the verified author's information).
  • Edit Images for Facebook, Google +, and Twitter Tool Upload your image and select what you are going to create: The tool will collect the current specs and resize the image to match the current requirements. You can create Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter cover images easily!
  • Check your Facebook Privacy Setting Make sure you are not giving away sensitive information about your site or your business on social media by using the Facebook Privacy Checker tool.
  • Social Activity Tool By viewing social media activities within your space, you’ll be better prepared to actively participate and influence those within your social media space.
  • Find Your Facebook ID Find out your Facebook ID to create apps and optimize your pages for Facebook Open Graph
  • Youtube Brand Search Quickly receive and view video results from YouTube for your multiple brands all on one page with this quick and easy to use tool.