Other Tools

These free tools can be used to hide your email from spammers, generate and encrypt passwords and check password strength along with creating keyword lists.
  • Phone Number Speller Phone Number Spell: The tool will then generate a list of potential phone number “spells” that correlate with the numbers you’d input.
  • Create 1 list from Several Lists Take multiple lists of keywords and input them into this keyword management tool to create 1 list from several lists of keyword phrases.
  • Hide Your Email It is important to include contact information on your site. You can hide your email from spam bots with our hide your email tool.
  • Words Counter The easy way to count the word and characters: Paste ypur text here and instantly see how many words and characters it contains
  • Password Generator You'll never have to worry about online security again when you use our secure password generator. Set the parameters for your password and our utility will quickly generate a nearly-impossible-to-crack password for you.
  • Password Strength Checker Verify the security of your password with this password check test. Use our tool to help you determine a strong but memorable password.
  • Password Encryption Utility Password encryption allows site owners to protect visitor information. This tool helps to encrypt passwords using MD5, sha1, or Unix DES algorithms.