Schema generators

With the continued development of search results, schemes have become increasingly important to webmasters seeking proper recognition from search providers. Each of these different types of rich snippets features the data that is required in order to be recognized as such. With simple text inputs, these generators will generate the data and tags in the format accepted by Produce correctly formatted schemas using these tools to improve upon the snippets provided alongside your website and potentially improve upon rankings. This tool is beneficial, as it helps to organize and allow search engines proper access to understand the information being provided and in turn, provide richer search engine results. Using the accepted markup vocabulary and formatting, these schema generates ultimately allow for more informed results and provide search engine queries with meaningful and relevant results.
  • Free book schema generator Free book schema generator:’s vocabulary and formatting is utilized within this generator to ensure that the date you input is then properly formatted and read by the major search engines
  • Free product schema generator Free product schema generator:
  • Free review schema generator Free review schema generator: his tool will prompt search engines to display the applied ratings information that users will find helpful.
  • Free event schema generator Free event schema generator: Input the details of your event and run this tool to generate the microdata that can then be applied to your existing HTML.
  • Free person schema generator Free person schema generator: Using the vocabulary and the provided microdata, you can add the necessary information to your existing HTML coding.
  • Free movie schema generator Free movie schema generator:
  • In-depth article code generator To be ranked in the “In-Depth Articles” block, you must have specific markup on the page as well as Google Authorship. This tool will help you generate the required markup which can then easily be applied to the page


Free usability tools: If you have ideas or want to improve any tool, click "Feedback" button and we'll make it happen!
  • Free spell check online Find which words are misspelled throughout your site; Improve the readabilty of your site by removing misspellings.
  • Page Image and Link Analysis Run any page through this tool for broken link and image analysis report: Identify images with empty alt text to improve the page accessibility. Get rid of broken images and links
  • Internal/External Link Analyzer Tool Extract all linked data from the given URL: Identify and fix broken links to improve the usability of your page.
  • Page Speed Tool Improve user experience by making your pages faster: Analyze your page load time and what slows it down
  • HTML Validator Tool To run the HTML Validator Tool, first choose the manner in which you would like the tool to access the information. This can be done by inputting a URL, uploading a file, or by directly inputting HTML directly.

SEO Tools

These SEO tools will help you effectively utilize keywords, optimization techniques, and deal with other SEO strategies.
  • Google Penguin & Disavow Analysis Tool Upload your Google Webmasters Tools backlinks and the tool will email you the Penguin & Disavow analysis
  • *Get URLs from Google / Bing search results tool A cool Greasemonkey script to generate the list of URLs from Google results
  • Website Crawler Tool This tool crawls your whole website returns a detailed report containing internal and external links as well as all possible associated errors. Use this tool to generate Google Sitemap and spell check your whole website.
  • Visualize Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, and Blekko Rankings This user-friendly and visual tool will allow you to run comparative search queries for a specific keyword and domain. The search engines you can choose from include Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, and Blekko.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization Analysis Tool Bookmark this page for easy access to our on-page SEO analysis tool package that includes many tools (like header checker, keyword analysis, etc)
  • Page Comparison Compare two or more wen pages side by side: See the title tag of each page, compare meta keywords and meta tag information, internal and external links, etc.
  • What Your Page is Linking Out to Tool Internal and External links tool: Use this tool to see exactly what each of your pages is linking out to
  • URL List Cleaner Tool This list cleaning tool lets you take lists from different sources and remove any duplicate URLs keeping any unique URLs, the longest URL from a domain, or the shortest URL from a domain.
  • Link/Header Response Bulk Checker Tool The Link/Header Response Bulk Checker Tool will crawl each URL linked from the page provided and a report will be generated that shows header responses for each outlink along with the title tag of the linked page.
  • Bulk Title Tag and Meta Description Report Tool With the use of Title Tag and Meta Description Report Tool, you can enter up to 100 URLs at a time and receive a report that lists out each URLs title tag, meta description and meta keywords.
  • Google Keyword Suggest Tool Expand your keyword list by using Google, Bing, Amazon and Youtube keyword suggestions tool. Dig as deep as you can for more results
  • Suggestion Keyword Finder Expand your key phrases and discover related long-tail: enter your core keyword or phrase to get a list of related keywords. To research deeper, simply click the "level 2" button.
  • Keyword Combination Tool This keyword combinations generator helps you brainstorm keywords efficiently. You can also use it to brainstorm more domain name options
  • XML Sitemap Validator Tool Validating your sitemap ensures that there are no coding errors that may negatively impact how it is viewed and crawled by search bots.
  • Keyword Density Analysis Tool Keyword density tool helps you catch unnatural keyword usage patterns.
  • Advanced Robots TXT Generator No registration is required: Just extract and edit the existing Robots.txt file or create a new one from scratch
  • Keyword Cloud Tool With this visual representation of the on-page keyword, words/phrases with higher density are displayed in a larger, more prominent font.
  • C Class IP Checker Give the tool the list of your backlinking domains and see if any of your backlink sources are hosted on the same C Class IP range.
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator What does a search engine spider "see" when crawling your page? By using this utility, users can gain access to content that may be hidden from search engines or see which page elements are more prominent.
  • Number of Indexed pages Use this tool to review your indexed pages in two major search engines. See how many pages Google and Bing return for your domain
  • Advanced Meta Tags Generator Fill in as much information as you can: Hover over the "i" icon to get additional information on each field. When you are done, generate the meta tag code and include it in your page before closing head tag
  • Meta Tag Analyzer This Meta Tag Analyzer tool will analyze any webpage meta tags and show you the tags in an easy-to-digest way. It's much easier than checking the source code for each page
  • SEO and Usability Report The SEO and Usability Report tool allows users to receive a detailed mini SEO analysis along with the content analysis. Not only will this tool point out problematic areas as well as important elements, it will also allow you to better understand on-page SEO.

Social Tools

Having a strong social media presence can mean more success for your business. Use the social media management tools to build a social presence for your website as well as analyze social media signals and Google Authorship
  • Author Crawler The Author Crawler shows the real people behind your backlinks: Google-verified authors who linked to your (or your competitors') pages
  • Social Media Tool + Authorship Provide the URLs to any pages, and you'll discover the number of likes, tweets, and +1s that the URL has received (as well as the verified author's information).
  • Edit Images for Facebook, Google +, and Twitter Tool Upload your image and select what you are going to create: The tool will collect the current specs and resize the image to match the current requirements. You can create Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter cover images easily!
  • Check your Facebook Privacy Setting Make sure you are not giving away sensitive information about your site or your business on social media by using the Facebook Privacy Checker tool.
  • Social Activity Tool By viewing social media activities within your space, you’ll be better prepared to actively participate and influence those within your social media space.
  • Find Your Facebook ID Find out your Facebook ID to create apps and optimize your pages for Facebook Open Graph
  • Youtube Brand Search Quickly receive and view video results from YouTube for your multiple brands all on one page with this quick and easy to use tool.

PPC Tools

Use our PPC Tools for management of your pay-per-click keyword campaigns. Figure out potential earnings, what Google Adsense will show on your site and more.
  • CPC ROI Calculator Free Tool By determining the ROI of a CPC campaign, you will be better informed when making investment decisions in the future and learn more about the SEO advertising opportunity that may benefit your website the most.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool Improve your advertising efficiency with our Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You'll find the terms with the best search volume and CPC every time you use this handy utility.
  • Keyword Typo Generator The Typo Generator Tool accounts for common keyword typos that are likely to occur in realistic situations. Having this information may provide further insight into human behavior in search.
  • Google Adsense Calculator If you have trouble understanding how AdSense works, our AdSense Calculator helps Google AdSense users understand what affects their potential earnings allowing users to experiment with values.
  • CPM Advertising ROI Calculator Discover the effectiveness of your PPC campaign by determining the CPM ROI. Make informed changes to your campaign, and gain the ROI you deserve.
  • Google AdSense Preview Stop losing money on poor ad conversion and start using our Google AdSense Preview tool to improve your conversion rate.

Webmaster Tools

Use these free webmaster tools to maintain your site. Convert IP addresses, generate passwords, review header tags and more when you use these webmaster tools.
  • Online http Header Tool The Online http Header Tool will download and display the actual HTTP headers returned with the web page you specify. This can be useful if you need to know whatcookies are being set or where any re-directs are going to, along with otherdetails such as mime-types.
  • Online Robots.txt Validator Use this tool to validate your Robots.txt file before making it live on your site to avoid running the risk of having a robot running into the file when it is not valid
  • Whois Domain Look Up This whois domain lookup tool lets you determine helpful domain registration information. Find the info you need with an easy whois search.
  • HTTP Header Response Analyzer Never get blindsided by an unintended 404 again. Use the HTTP Header Check Tool to make sure every page on your site is returning the codes it should.
  • Domain Age Checker Use our domain age tool to figure the age of competitors' domains and make an educated guess as to why they are ranked higher in search results than you. Take this information from our age checker and use it to make your domains rank higher than before.
  • DNS Lookup Tool Free to all users - the perfect DNS record lookup utility. Input the IP address/hostname of the site you want data on, and our DNS lookup tool delivers all the information you need.
  • My Browser Size Tool This What’s My Browser Size Tool allows people to customize their site and get accurate measurements of pixels based on the browser sizes that different visitors use.
  • Browser Settings Convenient and easy to use, our Browser Settings utility helps you figure out all your default browser's capabilities. Learn your IP address, cookie settings, browser resolution, and much more.
  • Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker This tool will check your HTTP header for a 301 redirect code. Use the tool to keep traffic at your site and don’t lose it to misconfigured redirect links.
  • htaccess Generator This .htaccess Generator provides webmasters, their sites, and visitors with peace of mind by password protecting their sites.
  • Whats My IP Tool Users looking for information on site’s location, time zone and operating system can use the Whats My IP Address tool. Find browser version, operation system and more.
  • IP Address Converter Easily obtain the decimal form of any IP address using this IP Address Converter. Simply enter the IP address.
  • Ping Test Use the Ping Test to make sure your site is behaving properly, and find any issues before they become problems for your users.
  • Base64 Encoding Decoding Base64 encoding and decoding tools convert text data through numerous code pages and turn them into a string. You can also reverse this process, converting strings to text.
  • Domain Name Typo Generator Use the domain name typo generator to create a list of possible domain name typos and misspellings that can be used to your advantage to increase traffic.
  • HTML Source Code Viewer HTML Source Viewer is a tool that allows webmasters to view source code for a particular webpage. The tool can be added to Google Toolbars for convenience.
  • Code to Text Ratio Free Tool Extract text and HTML coding with the Code to Text Ratio Tool to see calculate the content ratio of a given webpage. The higher the ratio, the better.
  • URL Rewriting Website owners can rewrite URLs with this tool, which is beneficial, because static URLs are considered by most to be superior to dynamic URLs.
  • URL Encoding Our FREE URL Encoding tool will save you time, by taking a tedious task and allowing you to do it quickly, easily, and correctly, every time.
  • Website Pattern Extractor Regular Expression Pattern Extractor from given URL
  • Fetch HTML content When you need to view content without the formatting tags the Fetch HTML Content tool will quickly strip the HTML tags for you giving you clean easy to read content.
  • Webpage Size Lookup To keep website load time down, it’s important for webmasters to know the total size of their webpage. HTML page load time includes all page elements.
  • Dig Utility Users can find DNS information on databases and IP addresses with this tool.
  • Regular Expression Pattern Extractor Just input the RegEx and the string you need to extract, and the tool will tell you if there was a match. Simple and easy to use tool.
  • Regular Expression Match If you have written a complicated regular expression and need to test it, this utility will perform that task for you.
  • Datetime Format Converter This FREE tool will generate the datetime description you enter into the format you desire. Convert to and from Unix timestamps.

Web Design Tools

Check out our free web design tools and use them to enhance the appearance of your website. Create colored scrollbars for pages, and custom mouse-over tooltips with these tools.
  • Favicon Generator Create a favicon with our Favicon Generator and make the most of this easy branding opportunity for your website.
  • HTML to PHP Converter With a copy and paste, webmasters can convert their entire HTML text to PHP code using this coding tool.
  • CSS Coder Using style sheet language to describe presentation semantics is what CSS is all about. With this easy-to-use utility, webmasters and developers will be up and running in no time.
  • HTML Code Cleaner None of your clients want to waste time waiting for pages to load because of characters and tags that are unnecessary for your site. Get rid of unnecessary HTML formatting with our Code Cleaner.
  • HTML Encoder Avoid strange characters from displaying by properly encoding HTML characters before posting using this HTML encoder tool.
  • HTML Entities Encode Decode Using our HTML Entities Encoder can help prevent mistakes that may happen as a result of including characters in your web copy. The HTML character encoding gives you clean copy.
  • Floating Layer Webmasters will enjoy greater control over any popup window with this JavaScript-enabled floating layer utility. This will help site visitors make their site more navigable.
  • Internet Explorer Scrollbar Color That dull, boring scrollbar will come to life with this tool. Internet Explorer users will see a different color scrollbar
  • DHTML Tooltip Creator Users will find helpful information when mousing over images, links and more with the mouse-over DHTML tooltip popup creator. Choose features such as font size, and more.
  • PopUp window generator The generator allows users to create JavaScript pop up windows according to their preferences. By filling out a form, people can change size, location and more.
  • Web Safe Colors Our websafe color tool is the best utility available for determining and using the right hexadecimal color value. Based on the standard chart of web safe colors, our tool takes the guesswork out of adding color to webpages.
  • Advanced Syntax Highlighting Highlight your website with our Syntax Highlighting utility. JavaScript Syntax Highlighters are vital if you want to succeed in readability.

Other Tools

These free tools can be used to hide your email from spammers, generate and encrypt passwords and check password strength along with creating keyword lists.
  • Phone Number Speller Phone Number Spell: The tool will then generate a list of potential phone number “spells” that correlate with the numbers you’d input.
  • Create 1 list from Several Lists Take multiple lists of keywords and input them into this keyword management tool to create 1 list from several lists of keyword phrases.
  • Hide Your Email It is important to include contact information on your site. You can hide your email from spam bots with our hide your email tool.
  • Words Counter The easy way to count the word and characters: Paste ypur text here and instantly see how many words and characters it contains
  • Password Generator You'll never have to worry about online security again when you use our secure password generator. Set the parameters for your password and our utility will quickly generate a nearly-impossible-to-crack password for you.
  • Password Strength Checker Verify the security of your password with this password check test. Use our tool to help you determine a strong but memorable password.
  • Password Encryption Utility Password encryption allows site owners to protect visitor information. This tool helps to encrypt passwords using MD5, sha1, or Unix DES algorithms.